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The Alcat Mission

Our mission is to produce chairs that create the possibility to sit for extended periods of time in a way that creates correct posture and the ability to sustain it, comfortably, for those periods of time.

We maintain that the Alcat Chair does exactly that!

The Alcat Design team worked with people who sit for extended periods of time, i.e. musicians, students, office workers, etc.

What Alcat Discovered

People are desperate for a comfortable chair. For musicians, playing is their love, but also their livelihood. They cannot afford to be out of work with back, neck and shoulder issues. We found musician’s chairs rigged with ropes, pillows, blocks, cushions and step stools. They try everything to be as comfortable as possible during rehearsal and performance.

The needs of professionals apply to all sustained sitting situations!

Our designers traveled around the country experiencing first-hand the chairs being used. Through research and listening to user’s needs, the Alcat Chair was born, to the benefit of those who endure prolonged sitting.

We are thrilled to introduce our first design, the fully adjustable, folding Alcat Orchestra Chair. This chair could not have been designed without the contribution of professional musicians, and directly addressing their needs.

“The adjustments are simple and exact. The sitting surface is wonderfully solid yet provides just the necessary cushion for long hours of stressful performance. My spine and shoulders feel in perfect alignment while sitting in the ALCAT Chair and thus enable me to focus only on my performance. Finally, this is a chair that works for hours and hours and takes the stress off of the spine, shoulders and entire body. I am certain that the ALCAT Chair will establish itself as “the” chair for professional musicians; in addition, I feel certain that anyone who must spend long hours sitting would benefit greatly from this wonderful chair.”

– Fred Zlotkin

Frederick Zlotkin, B.M., M.S., D.M.A. (Juilliard); Faculty, Manhattan School of Music; Teaching Affiliate, SUNY-Purchase, Brooklyn College; former Assistant Adjunct Professor, SUNY-Purchase; former Faculty, Aspen Music School, Waterloo Music Festival; Concert and Chamber Music Cellist; Principal Cellist, New York City Ballet Orchestra; member, Lyric Piano Quartet, performer with the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, New York City Opera, Mostly Mozart Festival, New Jersey Symphony and others.

Alcat Design 175 W. 72nd Street Suite 12E New York, NY, 10023




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