Happy customers

I have been using the ALCAT chair adjustable folding chair in the orchestra pit of the New York State Theater with the New York City Ballet for nearly a month and am pleased to report that it is the most comfortable chair that I’ve ever used in an orchestra. I feel the support immediately and it’s comfortable. I like to sit back and with the ALCAT chair, I’m supported without working for it. I’m actually able to walk after an hour or more of sitting on this chair! I’ve tried different styles of adjustable chairs and none are equal to the ALCAT chair. In addition, it is simple to adjust and its fold-ability makes moving it around the pit quite easy.

Steven D. Hartman

Principal Clarinet, New York City Ballet Orchestra

I was lucky enough to get an ALCAT Chair to use for my work. Though I am not a musician, my work requires long stretches of time sitting at a desk. I replaced my office chair with the ALCAT Chair and I immediately noticed a difference in my posture and just my basic comfort level. The quality and finish of the chair is extraordinary. I know that the chair was initially designed for musicians, but I believe anyone who spends any amount of time sitting at a desk needs to get one!

Julia Lipinski

VP of Business Development, Night Tenders Inc.

This note is to reference a chair ordered for myself. I look forward to using what I consider a cutting edge, beyond the state-of-the -art chair, for practice as well as performing.

William Cernota

Cellist, Chicago Lyric Opera

I love this chair. It promotes good posture, minimizes fatigue, and just stays out of the way. I like the simplicity, stability, and comfort this chair provides.

This chair is a substantial improvement over those squeaky, complicated, unstable hydraulic chairs that musicians have had to endure.

James Ognibene

Bass Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera

The ALCAT chair has the best back support of any chair I’ve ever used. The support is natural and comfortable, because it derives from the angle of the back piece and seat, not from the kind of annoying, artificial lumbar supports that some chairs incorporate. I work at a computer for up to 10-12 hours per day, so this is important, especially since I have suffered back problems.

Further, the chair makes me sit in a straight posture, but comfortably, without the stress caused by straight- backed chairs.

I also like how the back piece and the leg height can be adjusted. The seat and back cushions have just the right firmness for support, but are still sufficiently soft to be comfortable over a long period of sitting.

Ray Pospisil

President, PSP Communications Inc.

Its marvelous. I am sitting up so straight and it doesn’t cut the back of my legs. When I play the cello, I like to sit forward but with this chair I can also play sitting back in long rehearsals and performances.

I am a cellist in the New York City Ballet Orchestra. For the first time in 40 years, I am free from discomfort and back pain because I am now sitting on the ALCAT Chair. I have used other “cello” chairs and find the ALCAT Chair superior to all others.

Ruth Alsop

Cellist, New York City Ballet Orchestra

It looks great. I’m 5’ and my husband is 6’5” and it adjusts to either of us in seconds. Its comfortable and supports me.

Gloria Karp

Business Woman

The ALCAT Chair gives me great support for my back and is immediately comfortable. It’s wonderful! At 6’5”, it is difficult to find a chair that I enjoy sitting in. I sit straight and comfortable without working for it. Other chairs that I have tried do not compare to the ALCAT.

Russ Karp

Business Woman, Vice Principle

As a professional cellist for nearly 50 years, I have had to sit in the most uncomfortable chairs ever designed. The chairs used by all professional orchestras fall far short of anything conducive to posture. At last, the ALCAT chair has arrived and produced one of the simplest, sturdiest, fully-adjustable chairs answering the needs of performing musicians and anyone who has to work hard and sit for long hours.

The ALCAT easily adjusts to all heights yet features a sturdy design that will never break down and become “rickety” as the so-called “ergonomic” chairs always do.

Whether sitting on the edge or against the back of the chair, the user’s spine is always in alignment. I think the ALCAT chair has answered, at last, the needs of anyone who spends major portions of their time sitting and working.

Thank you for your questions about the other chairs. I have sat in other chairs at a multitude of different places where I work as a professional cellist, including all Lincoln Center theaters as well as those in concert halls throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Though I’m not certain of the exact names of chairs, none of these chairs provide a level sitting surface with cushioning and firm support. As regards to other adjustable chairs, despite many attempts to adjust their lever’s satisfactorily, I have never been able to feel comfortable while performing; of particular importance is the fact that after about 15 minutes I experience annoying back and shoulder pain and feel completely off balance at the instrument. After a relatively short period of use, these chairs become “rickety” which makes them even more of a distraction.

In contrast, the ALCAT chair solves all of these problems. I have used the chair for extensive periods of time for performance of all types of music and in many situations; it is without a doubt the first truly “stable” chair! The adjustments are simple and exact. The sitting surface is wonderfully solid yet provides just the necessary cushion for long hours of stressful performance. My spine and shoulders feel in perfect alignment while sitting in the ALCAT chair and thus enable me to focus only on my performance. Finally, this is a chair that works for hours and hours and takes the stress off of the spine, shoulders and entire body. I am certain that the ALCAT chair will establish itself as “the” chair for professional musicians; in addition, I feel certain that anyone who must spend long hours sitting would benefit greatly from this wonderful chair.

Fred Zlotkin, PhD

Principal Cello, NYC Ballet & Substitute NY Philharmonic

Frederick Zlotkin, B.M., M.S., D.M.A. (Juilliard); Faculty, Manhattan School of Music; Teaching Affiliate, SUNY-Purchase, Brooklyn College; former Assistant Adjunct Professor, SUNY-Purchase; former Faculty, Aspen Music School, Waterloo Music Festival; Concert and Chamber Music Cellist; Principal Cellist, New York City Ballet Orchestra; member, Lyric Piano Quartet, performer with the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, New York City Opera, Mostly Mozart Festival, New Jersey Symphony and others.

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