Why it Works

You'll be amazed at the health benefits from owning an Alcat Chair

A Revolution in Chair Design


  • Ergonomically designed to give you the best posture
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Allows you to sit forward or sit back while maintaining proper posture
  • Made of the highest-quality materials and backed by a five year guarantee
  • Easy to use, fold, and carry

The Alcat Chair Delivers Real Health Benefits

You’ll notice a difference in the way you feel from the very first time you experience the Alcat Chair:

  • Breathe easier and enjoy greater flexibility
  • No more back pain
  • Comfortable seat cushion reduces strain on lower back
  • Feel alert and invigorated after hours using the Alcat Chair

The Alcat Chair creates correct, comfortable, sustainable sitting

This chair has been developed based on the multitude of problems that have been presented to us by professionals who spend inordinate amounts of time sitting.

Almost all chairs purport to promote good posture but actually promote bad posture. Sustained poor sitting posture can create a host of problems and significantly interfere with performance.

See the difference with the Alcat Chair. Designed with adjustable back and legs, it accommodates users from 5′ to 6’5″ while promoting proper posture as illustrated below. The wider seat and back rest creates great comfort and the foot print conserves space.

The Alcat Chair was developed by professional musicians who often have to sit for countless hours a day. It seems that chair designs, to date, have not come from the marriage of hands on experience of playing instruments and the knowledge of the physical needs and stresses that confront instrumentalists.

Every step of the way, we had top musicians try prototypes of the Alcat Chair. By listening, and researching existing chairs for musicians, we perfected our design that benefits all sustained sitting situations.

Sitting should not be an issue and chore for any professional. Instead of making chairs that look hi-tech and have tilt, lift, back, lumbar, etc., adjustments which do not work, we designed a chair which directly addresses back, neck and shoulder issues.

Illustration of Sitting Postures

Harmful Posture

Solid back chairs and scooped seats separately or together create compression at neck (1), shoulder (2), chest (3), diaphragm (4) and great stress in the lumbar/sacral area (5). Sitting on gluteus instead of sit bones (6).

Ideal Posture

Sitting at front of chair with weight on sit bones and knees even or slightly below hip joints, creates correct spine alignment and allows for complete freedom of movement and breathing.

Equally Ideal

The Alcat chair allows individuals to sit back for back support and still maintain the ideal posture as shown to the left. Issues in the first figure are eliminated.

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